Campus Tour

At Simply Admission, our goal is to consistently enhance the parental experience. To achieve this, we offer a campus tour feature that enables admission counsellors to invite parents for visiting the school campus, including sending communication, one-to-one interactions etc. This empowers counsellors to interact with applicants and send personalized communications via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Lead Nurturing With School Admission CRM
Admission Lead Nurturing with CRM

Lead Profiling and Timeline

Every lead collected from diverse sources is stored within the Simply Admission CRM. As soon as a lead is stored, the system is capable of sending automated acknowledgement messages via WhatsApp, SMS, and Email, with all these interactions documented in the lead's profile timeline. This functionality aids counsellors in assessing the lead's potential and engagement.

Lead Follow-up

As previously mentioned, every lead holds value! The importance of each lead relies on how efficiently and promptly your admission team follows up on all the leads and transforms them into potential opportunities. Through Simply Admission, a school’s admission team can send personalized messages/notes via WhatsApp, SMS, and email. We keep track of all the interactions in the lead profiles' follow-up section that helps conusellor to analyze the strength of the lead.

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Auto Lead Allocation to Counsellor

Prevent missed opportunities by assigning the appropriate leads to the suitable admission counsellors, considering the parent's interest. This auto allocation can be done either in a round-robin manner or dynamically, based on your preferred customized setup. This process accelerates conversions by enhancing engagement and reducing response times. The integrated system enables the creation of lead or inquiry allocation workflows based on customized conditions, providing you with the capability to manage this efficiently.

School Admission Lead Nurturing with Admission CRM