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Simply Admission - A Product Overview

Simply Admission

In the conventional approach, schools collect admission inquiries from diverse sources and struggle to manage them through numerous spreadsheets, tools, or isolated solutions. The lack of a centralized inquiry management system exacerbates widespread challenges like lead leakage and duplication, ultimately result- ing in higher marketing expenses and missed opportunities.

Simply Admission is an Admission CRM designed specifically for schools, aiming to streamline admission pro-cesses and enhance enrolment through effective campaigning and monitoring. Packed with a range of features, including Admission Campaigning via WhatsApp/ Email/SMS, Lead Nurturing, Follow-up Remind- ers, Lead Scores, Social Media Integration, IVR Integration, Application Form Builder, Email Template Designer, Customizable Admission Processes, 360-Degree Lead Tracking, Analytical Dashboard, Applicant Dashboard, Dynamic Reporting, Online Fee Collection, and Jais-an interactive chatbot for admission-related queries, empower school’s admission teams to efficiently manage high-speed enrolments.